Yes I know, it should really read a flock of seagulls or more correctly a colony of seagulls. But that doesn’t quite convey the feeling I had of seeing a flock descend on the houses around me. It felt like a swarm. Maybe it is just my dislike of seagulls manifesting that leads me to describe them as a swarm. You see, I was attacked by a seagull once, hunted down the beach in fact. Initially I thought I was having a St Francis of Assisi experience of being close to the bird. Apparently I was just close to its nest and was obviously a threat hence the attack. But I digress, needless to say though, I dislike seagulls, terrified of them in fact!

If you live inland as I do, the sight of seagulls means rain is imminent. But when you are at sea, the sight of seagulls is a good sign, a welcome sign for it means land is nearby. When you spot a seagull land is close, even if you can’t yet see it on the horizon. You are closing in on your destination. Given I don’t like being on the water, I would think in this circumstance even I would be rejoicing in the sight of seagulls!

You may be holding out for the fulfilment of a dream, a promise. There may be no sign of land, but keep an eye out for the seagulls. It’s your sign you’re nearing the end of your journey and your destination is approaching.

You’ll see it in heightened spiritual activity around you, coincidences that are God inspired, doors that begin to open, opportunities. So hang in there you’re soon to declare “Land Ahoy!”